Celebrating Alexandria Coe

Noelle Wolf loves the work of London based artist Alexandria Coe.

The main subject of Coe’s work is the female nude. She focuses upon the simplification of the human form, exploring the depth of expression that is possible with minimalist mark-making. Her style is adapted to convey a neutral view of the female form via drawing.

See below for our interview with her.

How would you define your relationship to your body? And your mind?

I think people often think I am incredibly secure from how I present myself and how comfortable I am with nudity. I have as many hang ups to the next person and ultimately as insecure as the next person. But I’ve been through my own journey with it and embracing nudity really supported this acceptance of who I am and what I look like, almost like exposure therapy. Ultimately our minds are the most attractive feature and sense of self worth and self appreciation can be seen in how we treat our bodies. If you eat well, exercise and move as much as you can, then you have a beautiful body.

Do your clothes, and specifically underwear, hold power for you?

Of course. I think for women there is a power in subversion and power in choice. You should honour any woman who chooses to completely cover up her body, or expose as much skin as possible. For women clothing has been historically something that binds you to patriarchy, but also something that has been part of our liberation. There is something very empowering about wearing special underwear even on the most mundane days, as it’s something you have worn for you and for you alone.


I think for women there is a power in subversion and power in choice. (Alexandria Coe)

What inspires you?

Mostly human experience. My own personal practice is mostly about my digesting the way others and my own mind works. So I am always inspired visually by people but mostly by what is inside and how we communicate (or don’t). I am inspired by all levels of experience, good and bad, heartbreak and liberation, we need to feel everything to process it all.

Which pieces from the Noelle Wolf collection do you most respond to? Your favourites?

I love the navy Swiss embroidery MIST SET. That Yves Klein Blue is my favourite colour and the set looks so good on (and most importantly it feels good on). I love sleeping in the NAVY SILK SHORT SET too. I think it’s so important to have beautiful materials against your skin all day.


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