Working with Viviane Sassen

Renowned photographer, Viviane Sassen, collaborated with Noelle Wolf on our launch campaign.

Read on Noelle's take to find out why Sassen was the perfect fit.


I chose the esteemed photographer Viviane Sassen to shoot the first Noelle Wolf lingerie campaign after reading an interview with her. She mentioned that her shift to photography (from modelling) was initially driven by a desire to show a kind of sexuality that was different from that created by the male gaze, “one that’s more fractured and disjointed”.

That same thinking is was at the heart of me starting this line. I am inspired by the brain, not the body when it comes to the Noelle Wolf woman. I know first-hand, as a woman, that moving to dressing for yourself rather than under the pressure of another person’s gaze is very liberating. Lingerie is all yours and not for anyone else unless you want it to be. (Noelle Wolf)


Lingerie is all yours and not for anyone else unless you want it to be



Viviane Sassen was born in Amsterdam in 1972 and spent her early childhood in Africa. Renowned and respected equally for her fine art as for her innovative fashion images, her work is intuitive, sensual and often multi- layered. She has her own unmistakeable style, often using shadow, geometric shapes and the abstraction of bodies, which she attributes to her childhood memories of Africa.

Viviane contributes regularly to magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Pop and Another, also collaborating on many global brand campaigns. She has been exhibited globally, published many books of her work, and won numerous awards and accolades including showing at the Venice Biennale (2013) and The Prix de Rome (2007).


She has her own unmistakable style, often using shadow, geometric shapes and the abstraction of bodies.



For the inaugural Noelle Wolf lingerie campaign I asked Viviane to take her signature style and translate the heart of the collection through her lens, creating a dialogue that removes the element of seduction and contrived sexuality we often see in lingerie photography, what remains is honesty…

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